Non-profit provides low-cost computers to blind and visually impaired

Want to participate in the HPS Network’s online community, but buying a new computer isn’t in the budget? The Texas Center for the Visually Challenged (TCVC) is a non-profit providing refurbished computers to the blind and visually impaired for $100. The $100 donation covers the cost of shipping and replacement parts.

You do not have to live in Texas to request a computer.You must live in the United States.

The non-profit takes donated computers and refurbishes them with volunteer labor. The computers include: the computer, a monitor, keyboard, CD-ROM, modem, speakers and some software. Adaptive software for the blind/visually impaired is also included. (To get online you’ll have to subscribe to an internet service provider.)

The computers also come with instruction tapes to help a novice get started.

To learn more contact:
Texas Center for the Visually Challenged
11330 Quail Run
Dallas, Texas 75238

Tel: (214) 340 6328
Fax: (972) 495 5344