Current Research

Dear HPS Community,

I hope this letter finds you well. I don’t know about you, but I am really hoping and praying that we will find a treatment for HPS soon. That is why I am working tirelessly with my team here at the network to hopefully support all of you. I have seen too many people seriously challenged with too much bleeding and/or too little breathe. My heart aches for them. I need your help to take the next step!

Do you know how important you are to the solutions? Each and every one of you is the difference between where we are today and a better quality of life for those with HPS. No matter which gene type you have, how old, how young, how healthy or how busy you are, YOU are vital to this community.

For those of you who have already given us your time, I truly thank you. Really from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your care and concern for the cause! For those that have not jumped in yet, please see the links below and selflessly donate your time and attention to help your HPS family. We need to show the research universe that we can do this. WE DESERVE their attention, and we need to give OUR attention to deserve it.


Donna Appell, RN
Founder/Executive Director