First Mothers’ Workshop held at the HPS Network Conference

Apr 13, 2017


The first afternoon-long Mothers’ Workshop was held at the 24th Annual HPS Network Conference at the Long Island Marriott in Uniondale, N.Y. in March. The workshop was hosted by Sheila Adamo, LCSW, CADC, a licensed clinical social worker who has conducted similar workshops for other groups of mothers of children with disabilities. The workshop covered issues of interest to the moms of kids affected by HPS such as, how to explain and interact with extended family about concerns related to HPS, how to deal with different reactions in the family to having a child with HPS and how moms can support one another along the journey.


“This was the first time we’ve had a workshop like this, and it was an opportunity that came along only shortly before the conference, but it was well receive and I think we will do something similar in the future again,” said Heather Kirkwood, COO and Director of Communications, as well as a member of the conference planning committee.”


“The workshop was long enough it gave us time to get to know one another. We were able to get comfortable and have a great discussion,” said Becky Nieves, mother of a child with HPS and a member of the HPS Network Board of Directors. “Not having the men there gave us a chance to be more vulnerable.”

Adamo, who ran the workshop, is a mother of four, one of whom, has albinism. She has a business called Building Parent Connections. Its mission is to help parents build a strong authentic connection to themselves and others while raising a child with special needs.