HPS members Casey Greer & Cassandra Mendez Ocasio have a Podcast!

Feb 12, 2021

Did you know that HPS members Casey Greer and Cassandra Mendez Ocasio have a podcast? The girls tackle what life is like living with a disability, and doing it with style. Some of the topics they have covered is White Can Safety, Dancing With a Visual Impairment, and their relationship with their awesome, supportive moms. You can catch the podcast wherever you normally get your favorite podcasts, make sure to subscribe! Recently, Rare With Flair was mentioned in an article of best podcasts for the blind and visually impaired, done by World Services For The Blind, Read all about it here: www.wsblind.org

The HPS Network is so proud of these amazing young women! Continue to shine a light on invisible disabilities, and do it with flair!

Rare with Flair