Update the HPS Network on new developments in your health history

Aug 9, 2018


Since you registered with the HPS Network, have you updated us about your health history? Keeping us up to date on major developments helps us find you should there be a research development or opportunity that might be applicable to your situation. Have you, for example, learned your gene type? Have you developed any other health issues such as GI complications or lung disease? Have you developed other health issues you might assume are not related to HPS such as arthritis or Lupus? This also helps the HPS Network keep an eye on potential less common symptoms. If we see trends that exceed those in the general population, we are able to alert our researchers and ask if it is worth looking into further. Some types of HPS are rarer than others, and thus the number of people studied is smaller. It is likely there is still much we do not know. You can help by communicating with us about such information. To learn more, or to talk about updating your information, contact Valerie Friedman, Director of Medical Affairs, vfriedman@hpsnetwork.org.