Volunteer to share your HPS experience with medical students

Apr 15, 2019


Global Genes and the Rare Compassion project are teaming up to match patients and families affected by a rare disease with medical students eager to understand our lives better. If you would be willing to share your HPS story, the ups and downs and real day-to-day experiences, then this might be an outreach volunteer experience for you!

The project takes applications from patients all year, and matches medical students with patients quarterly based on geographical proximity. Because the number of students and rare disease patients might not always match up, you are not guaranteed to get a match.

If you volunteer to participate, the project will expect you to:

  • Introduce yourself and make regular contact with your student match by phone, e-mail or in-person visits
  • Actively engage with your student and share about your daily life diagnostic journey and medical experiences
  • Take time to ask questions of your student and learn about the challenges and obstacles they face in medical education or in the medical field
  • Work with your student to determine how long your engagement will last
  • Always treat your student with respect and courtesy.

To learn more or apply, go to: GlobalGenes.org/Cox-Scholarship/